Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A new love story begins

My recent love affair is one that opened up my horizon to dreams and possibilities that I didn’t know existed before. Fascinated, I have been trying to pursue it, without a worry about how friends, society or the world would react. I was being labeled as a person who jumped at anything she found attractive, anything that could satisfy her soul.

I envied anyone who had a similar affair, or better, fell in love with words as I did. It is better than falling in love with the winds atop the Empire State building or the gorges of Hogenakkal. Words – small, big, incomprehensible, can take over you and open up a world you will find impossible to get out of, if you let it take over you; and it took over me as I was working along side a few writers who believed that you have the power to change the world with words. They believed that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, and that every word had an influence. The words chosen can alter someone’s destiny, can spark an idea in another and bring about feelings that you didn’t know existed in your bloodstream.

So here I am, looking to embark on a journey that will open new pathways everyday of my life, where every unknown word becomes a friend I will pick up along the way. It’s not where it leads that matters, but the feeling of joy and beauty that will settle deep in my heart with every step I take.

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Sujoy Ghosh said...

:-) CONGRATS! Let your words lead the way. All the best in your "NEW" endeavour.