Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A little more

A potted plant shattered into pieces. The milk boiled over. And it began to pour.

Little do we realize we are not the only ones who feel things. I am not interested in scientific arguments. You can keep them to yourselves, thank you very much. 

Let us open our eyes. I have stated what has happened to a few “non-living” things around me, so to speak. A potted plant, nourishing a pretty money plant for 2 years, gets hit by a tiny little ball and shatters to pieces. Think about it, doesn't really affect you, but it too was created by someone, the pot I mean. God created you and me, and someone out here, in the real world made that tiny little pot, one of the many millions that may be in your house, garden or kitchen. So when one pot breaks, does it not affect the others. Probably not, but think about it, they are all connected. We are all connected. It's made of soil, like we are. So why have we become self absorbed that we cannot feel the pain of what's happening around us anymore. I am not talking about people. But are we really that divine a creature that we shouldn't feel pain at the loss of something else. 

The milk boiled over. I didn't turn it off when I should have. But I could have, if I had paid closer attention, if I had given it the time that it deserved. But no, I let it boil and boil and boil, till it could take no more. This is an analogy I draw to us. We take and we take and we take until we can take no more. Take pain or pleasure or joy, there is a limit to everything. We can control the heat, but we cant really do much when its gone beyond a limit. I feel the same thing applies to everything around us. The earth even. The very planet we thrive on, is taking everything we throw at it. Our whims and fancies. For how much longer I wonder. When are the skies going to fall down upon us. When is it going to break into tears? Moderation isn't the answer to everything. But it is for a lot of things going wrong in this world. There might be other solutions I haven't figured out yet. There might be better ways of treating people around us, but for now we know everyone welcomes a smile, but it doesn't mend a broken heart.

My pot broke.
The milk boiled over.
And the skies cried.

Doesn't work wonders for many, but it does for me. I wonder what this does for you. 

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Ayananka said...

Didnt know you could write this well :)