Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disaster in Hell

Venue : Red Fort Restaurant, Nandanam , Chennai
Event: Disaster

I cannot describe the experience as anything else but  'disastrous'. Even an earthquake would have felt better compared to the rumbling and tumbling my poor lil tummy had to experience after saturday lunch at Red Fort, Nandanam.

Here are the reasons why Red Fort does not belong to the present:
1 - The cutlery, cane furniture is so unfriendly that a journey to your seat can take ages.
2 - The air freshener is located right above your table and for a moment you feel like you are eating soap.
3 - The paneer achari is unedible panner laced with a lot of turmeric powder
4 - The waiters not only take ages to bring the food, but also give you the wrong dish.
5 - The mutton is from the time of the Moghuls. Please refrain from ordering any briyani, for its the last thing that will arrive at your table.
6 - Hold your breath when you go to the wash area, and please avoid using your hands to eat, for there is no soap and the wash area stinks.
7 - Do not. Repeat. Do not look at the faces around you, there is no one with a smile on their lips or a sparkle in their eye.

Red Fort in Chennai is meant to reform prisoners. And the experience is nothing less than disaster in hell. Going here once will not only make you feel like a reformed person, but you will never again complain what your mom feeds you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's not wake up 6 feet under

It rings constantly in your ear, “this has been the worst hurricane, worst flood, or worst tidal wave on record.”

With more damage around the world and ecosystems going haywire, we see that many people have joined the bandwagon in a bid to protect Earth. Earlier, initiatives were taken mostly by the Government and NGO’s, but today we see people around the world waking up. But the question is, are we waking up too late?

In 2010, the world woke up to a very different weather in many parts of the world. The cold winter not only disrupted commute but also claimed several lives, not only in India, but all over the world. That apart, deforestation, illegal wildlife trade and encroachment into forest protected areas, has leads to a severe loss of natural resources, wild plants and animals; adding many species on the endangered list.

So what is it that we must tap on? Advertising, of course! The only resource that one seems to use up in this communication is the resource of money, but atleast we have companies the world over spreading the message of saving the ecosystem, before marketing themselves. Frankly, I don’t remember that it cellular company promotes the recycle of cellular phones using children, or which promoted the ‘wastepaper bin game’ in an effort to promote ‘Do not waste paper’. Lately I saw ‘Stop messing with Nature, I inherit it’ - a slogan on a leading shoe brand’s advertising posters. These advertisements however reinforce one thing – the Earth’s natural resources are dwindling and we need to do something about it.

Celebrity endorsements seem to work wonders. In the past we saw Elle Macpherson and Stephen Fry threaten to boycott the restaurant ‘Nobu’ for continuing to serve ‘Bluefin Tuna’, a fish on the endangered list. Abhishek Bachchan, the Indian brand ambassador for 2010’s WWF Earth Hour campaign pledged his support stating “I will, in my power, do whatever to save electricity and will request my friends in the film industry to shut down shootings in studios during the Earth Hour." Other Bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor; Arshad Warsi and Dia Mirza joined in, in a bid to provide solar power to villages across India through TERI's Lighting a Billion Lives initiative, by raising money and adopting villages.

So let’s stop messing with nature. Saving Earth has more to do with just turning off lights or lighting candles. Drive more efficiently. Turn off your engines at traffic lights. Re-use. Carpool. Eat organic food. Ride a bicycle. Conserve energy. Plant more trees. Start saving ‘The Earth’. Where I live, I still see greenery. So, before the colours begin to fade, lets save some for the future to inherit, ‘something green, and something natural’.

Monday, March 8, 2010

No walls.

Nothing compares to you.... a song by Sinead O connor.

Its been a song I like for a godforsaken length of time.

"I went to the doctor n'guess what he told me
Guess what he told me
He said girl u better try to have fun
No matter what you'll do
But he's a fool
`Cause nothing compares
Nothing compares to you"

Somebody asked me the other day, why am I always so defensive, why do I have a wall around me. I cant see any walls I said.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

James Bose 007?

If I was born Aparajit Bose, without the extra 'a' at the end of my name, I would have seriously considered changing my name to something like James. To come to think of it, I would have gone around calling myself "Bose. James Bose." Then again, I dont think I would have been anything half as famous as James Bond.

Not a big fan of James Earl or James Steward, the only "James" I think is kinda cool is James Franko. Finding a famous gaga James is like finding Neverland.
Seriously. Do you think 7 is a cool number? James Bond and his 007. Why not 8 or 9 or any of the other numbers. I am keen on figuring out why the '7'. I am a no.11, and 011 doesn't seem half as cool as 007, no?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Disrespectful to say the least

Unanimously, we would all point a finger at the ones who govern the country, make rules and laws and burn down their effigies in our mind, all because we think our Government has a lot of criminals and cheats who take a lot of bribe and run a school of 'corruption'.

I will not entirely dismiss it, for corruption lies at every level. Even I am nicer to my mother on the days I want my favourite fish curry and rice, but thats not the issue here. My (growing) concern is that although rules and regulations exist, we blame the govt for not overlooking its implementation, while we, the so called 'aam janta' don't make the least effort to follow it.

If we believe in 'Of The People, By The People, For The People', then WE, the people, have to take a stand for justice and for what is TRUE. But then there are many, who completely disrespect law makers, and become law breakers themselves. We may blame SPS Rathore for being one, and he deserves to rot in hell in any case, but then there are people who have given their whole life to the service of protecting our country and its functions.

What I am coming to is, today, a car 8686 something jumped a light. The traffic constable was right in front of him and asked him to come to the side of the road. Our man did too, only to run away as soon as he got to the side, accelerating away.

The other scenario is that perhaps, perhaps he might have to lanjam kooduthify (fill the pockets) and go scot-free, or perhaps he would have gotten a ticket. Whatever be the outcome, he would have thought twice next time he jumped a signal.

India has a long way to go, but we all need to make a change, however small they may be. Like little drops make a mighty ocean, good citizens will make a good country.