Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Disrespectful to say the least

Unanimously, we would all point a finger at the ones who govern the country, make rules and laws and burn down their effigies in our mind, all because we think our Government has a lot of criminals and cheats who take a lot of bribe and run a school of 'corruption'.

I will not entirely dismiss it, for corruption lies at every level. Even I am nicer to my mother on the days I want my favourite fish curry and rice, but thats not the issue here. My (growing) concern is that although rules and regulations exist, we blame the govt for not overlooking its implementation, while we, the so called 'aam janta' don't make the least effort to follow it.

If we believe in 'Of The People, By The People, For The People', then WE, the people, have to take a stand for justice and for what is TRUE. But then there are many, who completely disrespect law makers, and become law breakers themselves. We may blame SPS Rathore for being one, and he deserves to rot in hell in any case, but then there are people who have given their whole life to the service of protecting our country and its functions.

What I am coming to is, today, a car 8686 something jumped a light. The traffic constable was right in front of him and asked him to come to the side of the road. Our man did too, only to run away as soon as he got to the side, accelerating away.

The other scenario is that perhaps, perhaps he might have to lanjam kooduthify (fill the pockets) and go scot-free, or perhaps he would have gotten a ticket. Whatever be the outcome, he would have thought twice next time he jumped a signal.

India has a long way to go, but we all need to make a change, however small they may be. Like little drops make a mighty ocean, good citizens will make a good country.


Anonymous said...

You heard about that monkey experiment? A few monkeys were put in some cage thingy, and every time they tried to climb out, they were severely beaten. After some time, they didn't even bother to try. And when a new monkey, which was added to the group, tried to climb out, the rest of the lot thrashed it.
I think our problem can be summed up in four words; "Got used to it." I love that ad about how a kid tries to move a big tree which has blocked traffic in heavy rain even when practically he can't but he thinks he can. And he acts as an inspiration to others who come together to remove the tree from their way. That's what we need the most. Young bloods who think they can do anything. We need some new monkeys :-). Take care

Anonymous said...

Just a coincidence when one of my friend happened to upload today the same video I was talking about in the above comment!

Take care.