Sunday, March 28, 2010

Disaster in Hell

Venue : Red Fort Restaurant, Nandanam , Chennai
Event: Disaster

I cannot describe the experience as anything else but  'disastrous'. Even an earthquake would have felt better compared to the rumbling and tumbling my poor lil tummy had to experience after saturday lunch at Red Fort, Nandanam.

Here are the reasons why Red Fort does not belong to the present:
1 - The cutlery, cane furniture is so unfriendly that a journey to your seat can take ages.
2 - The air freshener is located right above your table and for a moment you feel like you are eating soap.
3 - The paneer achari is unedible panner laced with a lot of turmeric powder
4 - The waiters not only take ages to bring the food, but also give you the wrong dish.
5 - The mutton is from the time of the Moghuls. Please refrain from ordering any briyani, for its the last thing that will arrive at your table.
6 - Hold your breath when you go to the wash area, and please avoid using your hands to eat, for there is no soap and the wash area stinks.
7 - Do not. Repeat. Do not look at the faces around you, there is no one with a smile on their lips or a sparkle in their eye.

Red Fort in Chennai is meant to reform prisoners. And the experience is nothing less than disaster in hell. Going here once will not only make you feel like a reformed person, but you will never again complain what your mom feeds you.


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