Saturday, March 6, 2010

James Bose 007?

If I was born Aparajit Bose, without the extra 'a' at the end of my name, I would have seriously considered changing my name to something like James. To come to think of it, I would have gone around calling myself "Bose. James Bose." Then again, I dont think I would have been anything half as famous as James Bond.

Not a big fan of James Earl or James Steward, the only "James" I think is kinda cool is James Franko. Finding a famous gaga James is like finding Neverland.
Seriously. Do you think 7 is a cool number? James Bond and his 007. Why not 8 or 9 or any of the other numbers. I am keen on figuring out why the '7'. I am a no.11, and 011 doesn't seem half as cool as 007, no?


Indranil Chakraborty said...

Are you seriously considering the sex change operation now?

sivaraman said...

7 is a lucky prime, a happy number, a safe prime and the fourth Heegner number.
may be you should look into the wiki to know more about 7