Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Measuring Time

I am listening to a French song. It’s beautiful. Hold on – I don’t know French! But I do understand that she is very heartbroken, her lover probably left her for someone else. I can feel her pain, her suffering. Funny how a heart can feel the pain and suffering of another person. Not with the same intensity, but feel it nevertheless.

The sadness on her face, the clenching of her fist, I cant see, but I can surely imagine it. And what is sparking this, the depth of her voice, the modulation of it all, the gloom it fills the air around me with. All with the sound of music created constantly around us. Sound – similar to the wind, a powerful but invisible force, if I may say so. We can measure it, measure the rise and fall of it, but never see it, never hold it, yet our soul is touched. There are lot of things we may never see but we can measure, but feelings – I can’t find another thing in the world like feelings. We may name them different things – sad, happy, love, hurt, anger… but we can’t measure it. A mother holding her baby is happy, a husband beating a wife is angry, and then there are people in love. Love happens to us all the time. And everytime we fall in love we think – This is it! But then one day it slips out of our hands like the sand and we don’t feel anymore. We begin to wonder. We feel loss. We feel pain and then we turn to stone and carry on with life. Some of us smile, some are not as lucky. For them we have time. Again, time is something we can’t experience with our senses, but we have devised a way of measuring it. A way of feeling time. Ironic isn’t it?

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