Friday, December 11, 2009


It is an all encompassing question. Answers to which I do not have, and maybe someday you can give me an answer to that. For different bits of the question, there are different answers, but I wonder if there will ever be an all encompassing answer for the question.

Why am I asking this question you cannot fully comprehend, I dont know. That is my only answer now. There is void in our life. You, me, my neighbour, your cousin. There is a void that only completes after you have found answers to a few questions.

A few questions I found asking myself
- Why do we always chase what we cannot get our hands on, the elusive.
- Why do we exist, a question a few friends of mine have been asking themselves as well.
- Why do we keep questioning things around us - it gives us a little clarity, helps us know more, know better, but what do we do with the knowledge, apart from apply it in our day to day lives and pass it on; be it to our friends, loved ones or to our future generation.

What do we do with the knowledge we gain in our lifetime. Or is it just there, as a treasure house of experiences, to cherish memories; memories that stir us, make us smile or make us start a war.
The question can vary. Its a why for me, it could be a 'how' for you and 'when' for some.

Right now I am worrying about how and when too, but largely it revolves around WHY.
What are the questions that bother you?

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Divster said...

the questions that bother me are not just why.. but also How!

Have you ever wondered that Why often refers to actions or events that have hapenned.. and you are looking at life in retrospect..and thus arrives the famous "why"..

But How is a complete new outlook for the same scenario.. where you know no matter how many Why's are thrown at it, you cannot solve the problems at hand.. and only a "how" can bring inner-peace to you and your chaotic life.

I know not many who question the "how" and i can only wonder "why" they dont.. :-)

Psst: Check out ma blog too.. :-) Older posts were regular.. I have restarting bloggin only recently.. so check out older posts for insight into ma chaotic brains :-D