Monday, December 20, 2010

Idli Dosa

Hmmm. Tuesday afternoon. 12 pm. Surviving on a meager breakfast of omelette and buttermilk. Hmmm. Both me and my husband have heard of ID at Sathyam Theatre for a while now, and everytime we landed up there at the weekend meant no place to sit and long queues. Tuesday was perfect. It was tough to choose between Sathyam's ID and Blur, but my tongue wanted to taste some lovely Sambar Rice.

SO, although the decor is all black, white and grey and the menu card is something that fits in your palm, it does disappoint with the fact that it does not serve Sambhar Rice or meals. However, it is definitely a place to check out since their chutneys are amazing. Though I had only the Appam Kurma, it was accompanied by Sambar. And IT WAS YUMM!

So while you can keep your elaborate meals to Saravana Bhavan, you can go and enjoy the Idli and Dosa which is what ID stands for. The kitchen is right in the centre and its open, so if you like you can go and look :)

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manidipa said...

Stumbled on your blog via work there. and the amazing thing is we both have a food blog with the same name :)
and am also stationed in Chennai. We have a few things in common...we should catch up sometime to find out more! you can mail me @