Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love thy fish, love thee life

If there is one thing I love, as would any self respecting Bengali, it is fish! Rui, Katla, Pomfret, Prawn and their various forms which include Jhol, Jhal, Kalia, Tel bhaja, fry, cutlets, Moilee, Macher Tok, Doi Mach and the lesser known Mudighonto!

Till date I haven't been able to decide what I love most - but if I had to choose, it would be fish! And the fattier the fish, the better. Atleast that is exactly how it works for me. Of the many reasons I said Yes to my husband was that he and me both love fish, but when it comes to the piece of the fish as such, I love the fattier bits, and he just loves the meat (and trust me, thats a boring piece). Then of course, I love the fish head of Rohu/Katla prepared in only 2 forms - Jhal or Mudighonto. If you try to feed me the head of any other fish in any other form, I am probably gonna poke your eyes out. After that comes a piece that is reserved only for me in the Bose household - and that is the tail.  To know how much I love fish, read the next post!

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