Tuesday, May 4, 2010

India - and how you want it to be

I recently read this in an article posted online at the Asia Times ... "How on earth are these countries still considered "developing" when their standards of living and technology are barely available in the Western world?
That's when you remember India. "Ah!," you say, believing that here is a country that will perpetually disappoint on itsinfrastructure. Abysmal roads, gridlocked traffic, poor sanitation and those positively lethal curries."  

And not surprisingly this was being discussed in an Afghanistan forum which stated something on the lines of 'oh look! while our country has been investing in arms and ammunition, these countries have actually done something good', and then I read about India. 

With a not-so-favourable beginning, it ended well.. and you can read it here.

But seriously, I am torn apart when I have to decide if the country is progressing. It surely has, at many levels. My family doesn't throw up a hue and cry if I come back late, my brother is very protective about me but will never resort to any measure that will hurt me and I live in a colony where I feel safe, even if the watchmen are falling asleep every half hour. 

But there is still discrimination, a bias that exists when it comes to the so called 'weaker sex', and I am saying this only out of experience. Touchwood, I have never been raped, or tortured at knife point, or threatened, but I had a stalker I dealt with, a crazy boss I have learnt to deal with, but whatever said and done, I ride by 21 year old Kinetic Honda at 1 am in the morning and have never been pursued, chased or stopped by drunk cops. 

I only wish my fellow countrymen had a better sense of rules and regulations and had a civic sense. If only they would stop honking so much, that even my uterus feels troubled. If only the roads weren't so bad that I come back with a back ache every second day and if only more people were educated, with the basics atleast. 

There is trouble in every nook and cranny of our universe, our country, our state and our homes. I am not sure if we should look at the bigger picture first or look at the details. What are the things that trouble you? I have an endless list, what about you?


Anonymous said...

I think the Mumbais, Delhis, and Chennais etc are just a facade to hide the real malaise that is slowly eating away this country. I think it is not the government, terrorism,poverty or the corruption that is our prime problem. I believe it is inhumanity, the apathy we show to our fellow humans. And I think this way only because this is one thing I can consciously try to improve without any interference. No one owns my smile.

Btw, I find that Chennai to be relatively safe compared to other cities to which I have been. Perhaps you should try your "stunt" in Delhi or Gurgaon. And plz, women are not the weaker sex! Guys go down easily than women. All you have to do is hold his two hands, and look deep into his eyes. Then kick him in the groin! Tada!

Good post. Take care.

Aparajita said...

Thanks. Whoever you are.