Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finding Marsh

How many women have grown up with the idea of the TYPICAL guy we would want to settle down with? Tall, not-so-dark in my case, handsome; someone right out of a Mills & Boon.

I fell in love with Marsh Endicott in 2005. He is your typical stubborn, drop dead gorgeous and in one word 'irresistible'. So An Uncommon Affair it was, that opened my world to imagination running wild.

And then I began looking - here, there and everywhere to figure out that guys like that exist only in between the pages of a M&B. Sadly, thats not true.

On a very sunny afternoon of February, I met my Marsh Endicott, only he isnt Marsh and thankfully he is alive, and not a mere character from a book. And even ours is nothing less than an Uncommon Affair.

So, women who have been jilted or haven't found your Marsh, don't lose hope, cos unless you close your eyes, and your doors to him, he is going to walk into your life, and make it beautiful. Hang on!

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