Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hippo's in the month of May

5 steps forward, three steps to your left and charge ahead. No! Stop, come back and go round the block.
Thats a message from my brain to every nerve ending, anything to keep me from yawning like a bored hippopotamus in the middle of the afternoon.

May has never been my favourite month - even though a lot of people connected with my life are taureans, there is no reason particular reason why May should be loved. Perhaps, that's why the term 'May be' was coined. Just let May be. Hottest month of the year (in almost all parts of the globe) is, like I emphasized in the above few lines, is not my favourite.

The heat saps not only my energy, but also the life from everything green and serene that surrounds me. I hate the fact that I am not in school any longer. Perhaps, I would have slept in deep comfort while the heat threatens to kill several organisms in the world I would not like to be a part of (in the month of May). And of course, now the soaring temperatures (52 degrees in Delhi last month), have slowed me down, and even the yawn that I try hard to suppress feels like a 10-sec ad commercial. I am not sure I like the comparison of my well received lips and mouth to be compared to that of a hippo, but atleast I must be an interesting sight to a child who has never been to a zoo before.


Amrut said...

You should move to Australia

Jam said...

fortunately there are places in this globe where it is cold. try for a sabbatical for the month of may and be there :).