Thursday, February 25, 2010


Why is the man such a worried lot today? There is only one answer and that is

Many of us have grown us listening to this song written by Chuck Berry. I grew up listening to Elvis singing his version, which I must add, is a sazzy snazzy number.
I bring this up because we, the world as an unit are celebrating World Health Day this year. An event which focuses on urbanisation and health. But then, we celebrate this day because there are issues ailing us, man and woman. From tensions and work to terror attacks, there is a lot we have to watch out for.

Everyone must agree when I say this, there are more chances for us to die of a terrorist attack that a car crash. Even if you don’t agree, at least you could do me a favour and acknowledge that yes, the danger does exist. Probably not as much in a city like Chennai, as Mumbai, but I am sure the terrorist will catch up soon.

So before I fray any further, ask yourself, for me, how many of us have actually paid attention to our neighbourhood. Forget the neighbourhood, how many of us have turned off our engines in a traffic light, or decided to give the horn a break?

I think that is probably because we are inherently apes, or shall I say, monkeys.
No wonder the song was written. There is no hope for man. The only hope is that perhaps one day, soon, the world will come to an end and start afresh again.

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