Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Angered by TN10U 8778

Who doesn’t love peace? But I don’t have Bose blood flowing in my veins for no apparent reason. I prefer collecting my thoughts after a day’s work when I am on my way back home – doesn’t matter if I’m on my bike, being picked up or walking to the bus stop.
It is not impossible to train your mind into thinking in traffic, esp in an Indian city, amidst the cows crossing the road, the short green lights, the no-lane traffic rules, BUT, it doesn’t help when there is a mofuba* (translate yourself), honking at the back of your neck, expecting you to miraculously fly through traffic and give him space to drive.

What happened yesterday left me flabbergasted. It wasn’t the first time a crazy commuter honked thoughout in mad traffic, but a red TN10 U 8778, threatened to hit me when I told him “yaarum paraka po mudiyadhu, ipidi horn adhicha enne panna mudiyam (no one can fly through this traffic, whats the use of honking like this). Bloody Hell, I say. I mean really, what nonsense.

I have decided to make a note of every car / bike number which annoys me. If I had superhuman powers, I would drill a hole right through their tyre’s. I wish I had em. A hole through the tyre of anyone who breaks any traffic code too. I wish Anniyan was more than a character in a movie. I wish I was Anniyan myself.

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