Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shahrukh and the Sena

I wonder what will happen to bollywood now. With Bollywood capital, Mumbai making a huge hue and cry over the Marathi language, have you wondered what terror and tension the huge non-marathi population in Maharashtra probably undergoes on a daily basis, especially when Mumbai strives on its movie industry.

So now, with “Marathi” gaining centre stage, will Shiv Sena also have a problem with the screening of hindi movies and existence of production houses which focus on bollywood hindi blockbusters.

With the recent attack on Shahrukh Khan’s statement expressing his view on the unchosen Pakistani IPL cricketers and tagging him a traitor, will Shahrukh Khan now have to shift base from Mumbai. He might be a muslim by religion, but he is an Indian at heart, and India being a democratic country should give people the right to express their opinion.

While his statement was not against political parties, the one who should have had their thick skins pricked remained unstirred. You very well know what I mean, the entire IPL cricket federation who tried a very old stale tit for tat tactic. Imagine if we get the same treatment in Australia. Not that I don’t condemn the attacks on Indians, but where are the voices and condemnation against the numerous murders and corruption takes place on numerous accounts, sometimes openly, robbing the citizens of their hard earned money.

Why is there no voice raised against the citizens who don’t follow rules and regulations, against those who don’t pay their taxes and against those who make controversies against someone’s personal lives?

When there are so many better issues to focus on, I would request the Shiv Sena to focus on things that make sense, and leave innocent people behind. If you have any other reason to attack Shahrukh, make it known, but try to whats right. Deploy your Sainiks to protect our borders perhaps, after all, they do like fighting for a cause.

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