Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fish yes, genetically modified no please

I am not particularly fond of salmon. Yes, I am sure I prefer my Rohu or Hilsa to it, but then again, Salmon seems to be a favourite among many, including bears. But what I am going to talk about wouldn’t really bother vegetarians, who have their own genetically modified brinjals to worry about.

So yes, genetically modified. It is a big word especially when it is applied to something like salmon. Soon to hit the supermarkets or not, is a decision that the US FDA will have to take, to introduce these modified salmon which seem to grow at twice the normal growth rate. Not only that, it seems a gene that has been introduced will ensure that it keep producing growth hormone even in cold, winter months, unlike its original cousin. Aqua Bounty technologies has developed this fish and most of the paper work and testing seems to be ready.

I wish I could eat good food, not something genetically modified, though am not really betting on the taste. After all, who cares about the nutrition content when eating fish?

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