Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Buy 1, Get 3 free lifestyle

The other day I went to a store where I was kicked to see this offer where with a washing machine, a microwave oven came free, and the total offer price was not so bad either. This got me thinking that we have entered the age of 'Buy 1, get 1 free'.

Though this has been around for quite a few many years, everyone works on an incentive basis. Buy a mobile phone and get accessories free, buy a computer and get UPS free, buy a flat and get furniture free, buy a honeymoon package and get champagne free.

The list is endless. And to top it off, though monthly expenses are actually sky rocketing, people are able to afford it, thanks to the easy EMI scheme that several banks provide. Not just that, enroute to Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, I saw a hoarding in which a bank offered gold loan in easy EMIs.

This easy EMI options can be quite addictive. I remember trying to apply for a Kotak xxxx card, where any purchase above Rs 5000 automatically gets converted into a 6 months, 0 interest EMI. Now how's that for modern comfort living. My application was however rejected because the firm I work with was not registered.

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Suree said...

yeah , we are used to this kinda lifestyle , back in 1990 s people hesitate to spend money itself , they just spend for their basic needs.

Huge change in the lifestyle of people in just a span of 20 years...

Thanks to Manmohan singh :)