Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome Home

2nd November, Tuesday changed the course of my life, or just steered it a bit. After my wedding, it was a new beginning, a new home with a new person to share it with. And the best thing about it -- we love the same food!

Now, in India the wife is someone who makes sure the husband is well fed. Which is why you see very few 'fit' husbands. You see them with a round belly which could also be due to their beer-drinking or their unfit lifestyle habits, but coupled with the fact that the wifes always offer the extra helping and make sure that the meal is topped up with a 'sweet dish', it just adds to the rotund character of a husband and that of a loving wife.

Now, I have one problem. Though my husband is three years older than I am, he has an advantage over me. His metabolism kicks all the food out of his body, and unlike me he has no belly to tag along with him. So, herein lies my task list
1 - Be a loving, dutiful wife
2 - Learn to cook all the food that I love to eat
3 - Feed the ones I love, and hope they will eat it
4 - Learn to cook awesome stuff.
5 - Hope that my husband gains some weight and makes me look slimmer compared to him, some day

So, after entering the new house I had a task -- which was made easy by both set of parents (his and mine) who had already stocked up my husband's place with cooking utensils and most of the masalas, lentils and other ingredients that I might need to cook.

Day 1 was fairly memorable since I didn't cook. My husband cooked Khichdi is less than 1 hour while I was cleaning the house. (I would love to mention the number of hours I spent doing that, but it would seem like boasting).

Since then, I haven't repeated any recipe (save I fed him cornflakes and buttermilk twice, but that doesn't count as cooking.) So do keep checking this blog for more of my love for food and my experiments with the kitchen.

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Parth said...

I can volunteer for some rotundity - feeding me you might find better results than by feeding Anirban!