Thursday, July 1, 2010

Of birthdays and anniversaries

If I wish you at the very beginning of the year, inspite of the fact that Vodafone charges me big bucks for the messages I send on so called special occasions, stop expecting any further from me. An old gentlemen, a senior political correspondent tortured me no end to find out all the Bengali holidays of the year so that he could do some 'PR' with some ex army officials he knows.

'You should learn to do some PR talli', says this proud Telugu. Sweet he is nevertheless.

But I wonder, why would I want to wish these  people I don't remember on a regular basis. If I wish someone on some XXX jayanthi, will that translate to me thinking of them? Some would say 'yes', I am sure. But think about it, Birthdays are understandable, but why wish a person especially considering they are never going to regain their youth. Anniversaries are nevertheless something worth celebrating - it means you have high levels of tolerance.

For those whom I haven't wished in a long time 'Happy Happy to you'.

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