Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Facebook women

First it was the two girls from Bulandshahr (UP, India) who boarded a bus to meet two men in Greater Noida, men they befriended over the Internet, to get raped. The audacity of the girls should not go unquestioned as they went in the pretext to write an exam. Men will be men. If the women suggest that they would lie at home and come to spend the evening with them, men will turn predators and turn these women to prey.

Who would have thought that they would open their mouths, especially since they already lied at home?
But sadly, the women were raped throughout the night, by not two, but four men.

Another 15th May report by IANS from Sydney suggests that Nona Belomesoff from the Cecil Hills area - who disappeared after going to meet two men she befriended on Facebook. She is believed to have been murdered by her Facebook friends.

How naive are we? Women are supposed to have a greater sense of intution.

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Divster said...

intuition is only one part, the other is the naivety. both are contradictory qualities unfortunately. Its the naivety that makes us believe in things and trust people a little too easily.

But quite frankly, these people 'are looking for trouble'.. because they should know better. They should not believe men or women.. both!